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Stuffing Machines

Stuffing Machine safety, durability, and reliability is our first priority in all designs!


Highest Quality Teddy Bear Stuffing Machines
Our stuffers have been on the market for over 10 years, with hundreds of machines sold.  They are manufactured by a high volume children's vending machine company, with industrial strength motors and durability in mind!
Teddy Mountain Direct™ selected these machines versus all others, based on use in our branded Teddy Mountain® Stores!
With the stuffer, do not compromise, stay in business with Teddy Mountain Direct™!
Large Stuffer
Portable Stuffer


Stuffer Formats 


Large Stuffing Machine:

  • Perfect for Permanent in-line stores!
  • Huge hopper, will stuff up to 50 animals prior to reloading!
  • Low maintenance!  Direct shaft drive, industrial forced air motor, means very few moving parts!
  • Flat out the best Large Machine on the market today, at a value price!
  • Dimensions:  70 inches in height, 26 inches in width, and 62 inches in length
  • Weight:  Approximately 350 pounds


Portable Stuffing Machine:

  • Perfect for Kiosk, Special Event, or Home Party use!
  • Large hopper, will stuff up to 25 animals prior to reloading!
  • Comes apart in 2 pieces, top weighs 25 lbs, bottom weighs 40 lbs.  Will fit in a car!
  • Low maintenance!  Contains the same industrial motors as the Large Stuffer!
  • Dimensions:  6 feet high, 2 feet wide.  Tall footprint, nozzle is the perfect height for stuffing!


Competitive Advantages

  • Made to order - Customizable colors, graphics, and designs are available
  • Simple to operate – easy to use, and flat out works!
  • Portability - Portable machines are great for fairs, home parties, corporate events, birthday parties and company picnics – comes apart in 2 pieces. Will fit in a car!
  • Multi-colored lighting effects!


Technical Specs

  • Our incredible forced air technology design guarantees that our machinery will never block or clog
  • Quiet machines – meets all mall low decibels required ratings
  • OSHA certified and meets the Occupational Noise Exposure Standards (1910.95)
  • Less power required to run, and will run off small generators (12.5 amps, will run off a 2000 watt generator)
  • Portability (light weight)
  • Safety switches, keylock switches, kill switches
  • Every single one of our machines is issued a safety certificate at building completion
  • Very few moving parts – we have perfected the bear stuffing machine!



  • CE international parts and components to completely meet all overseas regulations
  • We have shipped machines to countries on all major continents

All stuffing machine sales are final.