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Q:  How long has Teddy Mountain Direct™ been in business?
A:  Teddy Mountain Direct's owners have been in the teddy bear stuffing industry since 2003, and have worked with most of the existing wholesalers and retailers alike.  Our background is retail, logistics, and technology, which has enabled us and our team to become a market leader for Teddy Mountain® stores and Teddy Mountain Direct™ wholesale.

Q:  How is Teddy Mountain Direct™ different from the other providers? 
A:  Our corporate and business background is Retail first.  Combined, Teddy Mountain Direct and our parent Company, Teddy Mountain’s owners have over 100 years of Corporate Retail work experiences, with some of the largest Retail Chains in the world, including Wal-Mart, Target, Costco, and North West.  We understand how difficult retail is, how difficult landlords can be, and we understand what we need to do so our business owners are truly successful.

Q:  Why do you have such a great selection of products?
A:  Our goal is to have the widest selection of products in the ‘unstuffed’ business, at the best prices.  Product freshness and promotion are at the forefront of our design plans so we can build the highest quality brand variety for our Stores. 

Q:  Do you have any minimum order quantities?

A:  Yes, All minimum order quantities are displayed for every product in the pull down menu.  Typically, we pack plush and clothes in 6 packs, while supplies will be in varying pack sizes.

Q:  Do you offer any discounts or promotions?
A:  Yes, we have ‘Weekly Specials’ on items, and also if you are interested in large bulk orders, we can provide additional price discounts.

Q:  How quickly will I receive my order? 
A:  We ship using Toll IPEC.  We will contact you upon completion of your order to confirm shipping terms.  All shipments can be sent overnight but keep in mind that this will also cost you more.  You want to be planning your orders in advanced to beneft from reduced shipping cost.

Q:  How do I track my order?
A:  We will provide you with complete tracking information on our website within 24 hours of placing your order.  Just log into the site, and click on ‘Order History’, and Select your order to view your order status and tracking information. In Europe, your order will be picked and shipped within 24 hours, via a pre-discussed carrier.

Q:  How do I pay for my order?
A:  Once you have finished selecting your products, you can use the checkout to process your transaction and at the end of the check out process, you will be invited to save the order and we will contact you to provide exact shipping cost and ask for your payment information.

Q:  How much does shipping cost? 
A:  On average, in Autralia, shipping is approximately $15.00/box. We make no money on shipping and freight, so you can trust that we will provide the best rates possible.  Actual freight charges will apply, so order with confidence that you will be made aware of shipping cost before you pay.

Q:  How do I receive a final invoice if you don’t know the exact freight costs at time of order?
A:  Before charging your credit card, you will be contacted by our shipping department so they can advise on the final shipping cost so you can make your final decision on the order.

Q:  I received my invoice and some products are set to zero quantity, what happened?
A:  Very rarely, but occasionally, when we are near depletion of certain items, two customers may be ordering at the same time, resulting in a same day Out-of-Stock situation.   In these very rare cases, we will update and invoice accordingly to reflect the modification to your order.  Please always check your invoice (which is sent to you via email, and also available via your ‘Order History’ to review your final invoice.  All zero quantity items are unfortunately Out-of-Stock items that have not been shipped or billed.

Q:  Do the clothes fit all of the Teddies? 
A:  Yes, we have two standard clothing, shoes, and accessory sizes.  We carry a "Small" or 8” (inch) product line and a "Large" or 16” (inch) product line, and this will be noted on each item’s description and category on our websites.  The Large bears are similar size to a BAB, and our Small bears are similiar to Webkins.

Q:  Are the bears and clothes safe? 
A:  Yes, our products carry the ASTM-F963 safety approval certification test for the United States and EN-71 for Europe.

Q:  How do the bears close up?
A:  On the inside of the plush opening we have a sewn in pouch with a locking zip tie closure.  This allows for ease when stuffing along with a secure tie off.  We then use a seamless Velcro seal on the outside of all plush so you can visibly see the closure area.

Q:  Can I hand stuff a bear?
A:  Yes, our openings are wide enough for hand stuffing.  For extra fun, buy a few wooden spoons and have the children use these to help stuff the little arms and legs of your plush animals!

Q:  How much stuffing does it take to fill a bear?
A:  Gage about ½ pound of fiber fill per 16” (Large) plush and 1/4 pound for an 8" (Small) plush.  You can also mulch your fiber, using a leaf mulcher, to make the fiber expand about 3 to 1.

Q:  How do your bears & clothes differ from your competitors? 
A:  We spend a lot of time on design, product details, and fabric selection.  Our goal is to provide better, more intricate facial style designs, so we pay attention to all the little details as this does ultimately affect our/your store sales and turnover.  

Q:  What do I do if I have defective products?
A:  Please see our Return Policy link provided in the footer of our website. 

Q:  Do you manufacture your own stuffing machines? 
A:  Yes, our manufacturer has been making our stuffing machines for over 10 years, with the best technologies available.  Designed by electrical engineers in the vending machine business, our stuffers flat out work.  They are smartly designed, with direct shaft, forced air, and few moving parts. 

Q: Do the stuffers require maintenance? 
A: The stuffers are pretty much maintenance free.  A complete setup and training guide, plus 7x24 support will be provided.  A one year parts warranty is also provided.  With our stuffers, you get the most functional and durable machine, at the best price! 

Q:  How long to get a stuffer once I order one? 
A:  We stock both the large and portable stuffers, so depending on paint color and graphics work for your business, often we can ship the next day.  If we have a big run on stuffers, as we do for some tradeshow events, it may be a couple of weeks prior to shipping.  Typically, we can ship the same week.

Q:  How long does it take to open a Teddy Mountain Store? 
A:  Normally, the process from start to finish takes 3 months.  Store opening dates are set once we establish the budget, fixture set, along with the lease.

Q:  Can I return a stuffer?
A:  All sales for stuffers are final due to the high freight costs and low margins offered for the sale of a machine.

Q:  Do you offer area or territory protection? 
A:  We do offer protection to our Teddy Mountain® License and Master holders.

Q:  Why should I order from you?
A:  We work everyday to provide ‘Better Products, Better Service, at Better Prices’!  Try us once, give us a chance, and we do everything we can to not only meet, but exceed your expectations!

Q:  What kind of closure do you use?
A: Teddy Mountain Direct use a Zip Tie Closure. you can see a video by clicking on the link below. If the product doesnt have the Teddy Mountain Logo, it uses a zipper closure.

Teddy Mountain Direct/Teddy Mountain Zip Tie Closure Demo from LavaBlast on Vimeo.

Please contact us for additional questions!